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Why do we age?

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    Hello people

    I wrote e little text to (try) explain non-expert people the reasons we age. I don't know if my point of view if correct, and so I would appreciate graduate student in genetics or biology take little time to read it and return here their comments about. I think there are more profound reasons for aging than most TV programs or books try to explain to us.

    Text can be found at http://www.meucat.com/vi.html

    Thanks very much

    Miguel - Brazil
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    The unobservable designer(s?) has(have?) programmed the aging process into us. That is why we grow old and die. It is programmed.
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    You mean genetic? Or god?
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    From your essay:

    I believe the accumulated mutations in our DNA hypothosis, has some merit. In the case of cloning from somatic tissue, there is a problem. The new young animals, also have the accumulated genetic mutations, the adult had. The don't survive very well. For example, Dolly the sheep was the first animal cloned from an adult cell. She developed a progressive lung disease at 6 years old and had to be put down (euthanized). Sheep typically live 12 years and don't develop these kinds of ailments until old age.

    (see http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/2764039.stm)

    If you haven't read it yet, I would highly recommend Michio Kaku's book called Visions. The chapter titled To Live Forever, addresses this idea and quite a few others, drawing from interviews he made with many leading scientists in the field.
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