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Why do we go crazy?

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    Lets say someone puts you in a room, supplies you food, air, etc. But nothing to do. probably, you would go crazy...but why? Why does boredom, disappointments, etc. leads to crazyness? Not biologically, but philosophically.

    For instance, we don't like pain b/c we seek pleasure. That is a philosophical answer instead of a biological one.

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    I think the answer to this may well lie in stepping back and asking a more basic question:

    What keeps us sane in the first place?

    Consider automobile motors as an analogy. To extend the analogy, I'll equate the animal brain with a simple two-stroke diesel motor, and the human brain with a high performance sports car motor (I make this distinction because human brains, with advanced psychology and higher thought processes are way more complex than animal brains).

    Considering how much effort has to go in to building and maintaining but especially into keeping a sports car engine tuned, you realize its default state, if left alone (by a neglectful owner) is to quickly begin running poorly, if at all.

    So, your question translates to: why does a high-perf sports car engine break down? And the answer is obvious.
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    Another answer, which may be what you're looking for, is that human brains crave stimulation.
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    This concept is used in various forms of SDTs.
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    SDT = Sensory Deprivation Tank? Not exactly a household acronym...
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    Sensory Deprivation Techniques. A nonviolent and noninvasive method of torture.
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    The brains response to pain or pleasure is physiological.

    The thinking about why one does that, or whether one deserves or doesn't deserve either, or the wanting either is right or wrong, is philosophical.

    Some people think too much. :tongue:
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    It's because we don't have a society filled with people to use to further and maintain our psychological development. There's no people to share goals with, no people to judge or be judged by, and no expectations made of you. You've got nothing to go on when shaping your life, so you "lose" it.
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    I guess that depends on the definition of violence. IMO "a passive method of torture" would be a more accurate description.
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    That's not a philosophical answer. It's a psychological answer. Are you looking for a biological answer?
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