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Why do we have mass?

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    Why do we have mass? How can we explain it?
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    Scientist are unable to explain why mass is here.
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    [tex] E = mc^2 [/tex] Mass is energy.
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    He is not asking that.
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    I see him asking this: What composes mass? The relation between mass and energy is not valid to answer that question. Mass is a condensed form of energy and not a composition of mass.
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    It would be she (;

    Why do we have energy then? I can explain why we have volume, but when it comes to mass or energy, i can't find a word to say.
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    In order to better understand your question, are you taking anything for granted? For example, are you also asking why we have time and space, and why we have the universe? By the way, I am not sure that I understand what you mean by "we have" rather than something such as "there exists".

    If you explain why you think that "we have" volume, then prehaps we others will better understand the perspective behind your question.
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    As i undrestood, in physics, we can't ask ''why'', we can just ask ''how''..... According to your sentences, i suspected what i know!
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    Why do we have volume?
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    I think questions like these belong on the philosophy forum.
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    In my opinion this is the correct forum for these questions. E.g. I believe particle physicists are now saying that there is something called a Higgs field which is responsible for the mass of particles. As far as why we have volume, well that's a legitimate and involved question which includes the topic of space and that's something Einstein touches on in one of his relativity books.

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    and what is responsibe for this higgs field?
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    I am rather wondering how canopus explains volume. Personnally, I do find the question philosophically inclined.
  15. Aug 23, 2004 #14
    Because we aren't invariant under time translations.
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