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Why do we like Coca Cola?

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    I have been puzzling over this for a while. It has to be ice cold to enjoy. When warm, it is truly awful. When it's flat, it tastes of sugary water. But at the right temperature it seems to be just the right thing, better than carbonated grapefruit juice or lemon, which you would imagine would be better thirst quenchers. And yet, have I been conned by great marketing? Perhaps Coke isn't all that great; the soda fountain variety at McDonalds etc, which often tastes of chlorine, is often awful.

    Maybe I like Coke because everyone else likes Coke, who like Coke because everyone else likes Coke. Maybe the evil advertising industry has forced me to like it because I think I am drinking the American dream. It surely can't be the drink itself, which has very little to offer compared to a hand-crafted beer or a good chilled wine or even fresh grapefruit juice.
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    Spend a month drinking nothing but room-temperature water, and check again.
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    Tom Mattson

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    No, really, it is that great. I drink it instead of coffee (which really does suck!). RC and Pepsi won't do it--it's got to be Coke, or I can't start the day.
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    You know, I rarely drink carbonated drinks of any kind, but Coke is my perfered cola...it is simply better than Pepsi.
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    Nope it's all part of a plot to take over
    the world ! The question is - Who's doing it ?! :wink:

    Live long and prosper.
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    Re: Re: Why do we like Coca Cola?

    Pepsi is living on the fact that the average american likes Brittney Spears and cute curly-heads....RC is just there to be made fun of.
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    Re: Re: Re: Why do we like Coca Cola?

    Actaully I think RC is pretty good (really !).
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    Well, Im from the south, which means that by default Im a Dr. Pepper man. Im also a programmer, which means that if I had bought Dr. Pepper stock back when I began programming, I would have singlehandedly made myself rich. WTH, hindsight is 20/20.

    I remember when I was in Moscow in 1991(or thereaboouts - it was right before checkpoint charlie succombed to the enthusiastic destruction by free peoples - what a glorious time). Anyway, they did not sell Coca-Cola because it was a symbol of western(American) influence, much as starbucks is percieved today but much, much more pervasive. They sold Pepsi instead.That should tell you something there.

    What a joke. It is the same thing, sure. But when was the last time you ever ordered a rum and pepsi?

    It is the conotation, the pervasiveness within society, it has come to equal freedom and the pursuit of happiness everywhere. People don't order cokes because they are oppressed, because they are being tortured (would you like a coke while I apply these electrodes?).

    People order a coke because they can. It is a luxury. I am an American, and as such I have the ability to say "No coke for me thanks, give me a Dr. Pepper". But the abiltiy to order one in the first place is the first step. To pass it up for something better is pure luxury. Coca-Cola is a symbol that other choices are soon to come. It is the symbol of an expanding market, of enrichment, of the ability to choose among decadent luxuries.

    This idea of luxury may convey a sense of anathema to you, especially if you are rich (in the US, if you are poor, even very poor, trust me, you are rich in comparison). If you have ever really felt hunger, painfull hunger, if your body has refused its duty because of a prolonged inability to nourish it, a coca-cola is surely mana from heaven. Eat rice for a month, and see if a coke isnt the best thing ever.

    It is the US. Wherever freedom goes, Coke follows. Its not my preference, but then again, I live in a badass state that can offer variations upon mana from heaven....
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    Ganshauk, you make some excellent points. I travelled through Poland during the Solidarity years when communism was becoming to crumble and tried to cling to power. Coca Cola was a powerful symbol of freedom. You drank it and enjoyed it, even if it was lukewarm. People would be proud to offer you a Coke, even if I would have preferred a local beer (Tatra Lager is very good).

    I have spent a lot of time in Kenya too and you can be out in the wilds, imagining yourself far from western influence, and then the Coke truck turns up along a dusty road. Coca Cola is everywhere (Pepsi isn't). Most of the locals seem to prefer it room temperature, even when there is a choice between cold and warm. A small bottle costs about 20 shillings a bottle ($1 = 70 shillings), a half litre of Coke costs 50 shillings. A cup of tea is 5 to 10 shillings, a half litre of beer costs 40 to 50 shillings (Tusker lager, very good). So, even in rural Kenya, Coca Cola is a symbol; it's a drink of the relatively well off. A poor farmer, laborer, etc is not going to spend 20 shillings on a soda; a sweet cup of tea is better. Also, you see Coke bottles used for all sorts of useful jobs.
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    When traveling on business (I was a professional engineer before returning to school), I often enjoyed sitting in airport lounges, having a drink and talking to strangers. As a true American, my poison was always Jack and Coke... of course. It's funny because even in most European countries the Coke actually cost more than the shot of Jack.

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    Ganshauk, are you part of coca-cola's marketing department?..."Drink coke, the drink of freedom!" I find that statement ludicrous, actually, because coca-cola's not the most rights-respecting company out there.
    http://www.corpwatchindia.org/bulletins/PBD.jsp?articleid=1323 [Broken]

    Actually, when I drank cola, I actually preferred Pepsi, but that's probably because that's what I was used to because my dad always bought it (this was when I was still a minor).

    But now, I don't care. Cola is bile. It may be cheap, but I'll spend a little more money for some quality stuff (or spend less money and make some Kool-Aid :smile:).

    After not drinking much soda, and drinking no cola for many months, I drank some pepsi, and I had an intense burning feeling in my throat. Although pepsi's effect is stronger, I think, I don't think that coke is far behind.

    I never heard of coke being called a luxury before. I don't think aristrocrat when I think coke.
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    We like it because of the Cocain in it! Seriously, I could give up cocain anytime; I just like the smell!
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    yea i love coke too it is so expensive to buy it off teh street you need connections, i cant beilve we all share that same intrest
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    Dissident Dan, It's not that Coke is freedom, it's that millions of people have been duped into believing that Coke is freedom, and they willingly buy the bottle and the message. Strange, I know.
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    This just might be the most interesting thread I've ever read. I swear half the people posting in this topic must work for coke. I mean this is incredible. I do like coke, its definitely better then pepsi, but I've never even given thought to waxing sentimentaly about it like the people in here do. This is amazing, someone should forward this thread to an advertising exec at coke and see if they'll sponsor the forum.
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    Wow...You seem somewhat...er..Have a coke!
  18. Apr 20, 2003 #17
    I'll never forget the time (so many years ago) when I was at a party doing lines and my nostril started to really burn. My sweetie put cold water on her pinky and stuck it in nose so as to alleviate the pain. It was at that point that I fell in love for the first time in my life.


    P.S. MajinVegeta and Mentat, if you're reading this, drugs are actually very bad for you. Sorry, I'm not a very good role model. You youngsters should follow the examples set by somebody a little cleaner... maybe climbhi. He seems pretty sXe.
  19. Apr 20, 2003 #18
    Climbhi, excuse me asking, but I believe you are a mormon. Weren't the Osmonds mormons and didn't they refuse to drink Coca Cola for religious reasons owing to its affects as a stimulant? Perhaps I've gotten this all mixed up. After all, the Osmonds was a long time ago.
  20. Apr 20, 2003 #19
    I prefer Pepsi not because of the taste i dont think there's much difference in taste, but to be different. It's like going into a bar and ordering a Pepsi nine times out of ten they will say we dont have any pepsi only coca cola, that gives me the opurtunity to act like the angry customer and complain about their lack of choices, ha how sad i am!
  21. Apr 21, 2003 #20
    Yes I am Mormon, however remember I live in Utah where decaffienated products are found more easily than those which are actually caffienated. You're right though, most members of my faith stay away from caffienated beverages (I'm not sure about the Osmonds are whatever) including myself. So I guess I can only speak for the tastes of the decaffienated drinks, but I can't imagine that there is any difference.
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