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Why do we need a spouse?

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    I wonder why we need a companion in life.

    Let's face it, we might as well live alone.

    Lonelyness is a boring kind of life but who has actually told us it is "wrong"?

    When it comes to sex you can have sex with yourself and it need not be so bad.

    Yet we think we need someone.

    Many people would say this is evoloutionary.

    I say it comes from parents, society and media.

    We don't need a spouse.

    We need to find peace within ourselves.

    Be in peace with who you are and stop feeling like a loser because you can't find your spouse.

    He/she will come to you when the time is right.

    In the meantime, try to keep your hopes up and do not ever think you are a loser if you happen to be unwillingly alone!

    Best regards, Roger
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    Why do you think it was ever claimed we need a spouse? I never heard of that. Many people want one, some dont.
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    You only need a spouse if you're married.
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    A life decision
    Will you be sane or not lonely?
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    We don't.

    It's not wrong. It's just lonely.

    I know of no one who is physically capable of having sex with themselves. And even if you could, I don't think it would be nearly as much fun as it is with someone else. Kind of like how playing catch naked with yourself isn't nearly as much fun as it is with someone else.

    I would say the need to be with someone else is built in through evolution.

    Some itches you just can't scratch by yourself.

    Meh. I've never believed this.

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    You don't technically need any friends, let alone a partner but they make life a whole lot more enjoyable. Most people find that spending time with loved ones that they can share life experiences with quite rewarding.

    See above.

    I do agree that western culture portrays introverts as a negative but just because it is for some people doesn't mean it's acceptable for all.

    Technically you can't. That's by the by though, I'll simply say that this point links with my first. Sure you can do many things by yourself but sharing the experience, especially with a loved one, can be rewarding in a way that going solo just can't be.

    If you mean "need" as in "important for a satisfying and rewarding life" then yes it is needed.

    Humans are social animals, ones that seem predisposed to serial monogamy, so it certainly has an evolutionary component.

    See "need" definition above.

    Having a partner and being at peace with yourself are not mutually exclusive.

    I agree that people shouldn't feel too cut up about being single but that's not a reason not to ever pursue a relationship.

    Sometimes life will drop a good thing in your lap but a lot of the time you have to go out and look for it.

    Agreed. But as I said already being content with oneself and wanting a relationship aren't mutually exclusive as your thread title would suggest.
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    This went down hill, post deleted, thread closed.
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