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Why do we yawn

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    hey just wondering

    why do we yawn when we are tired ? Whats the body's aim in making us yawn ?
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    jim mcnamara

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    this is my own personal observation so there's no science or research behind it... but I've always noticed that yawning feels more like stretching than breathing for oxygen. We always stretch our muscles when we just wake up or have been passive for a long time (like our back and neck and legs), these are also the times we most likely yawn... could yawning simply be a way of stretching those internal muscles and jaw muscles?
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    I learned how to yawn at will or keep myself from yawning if I wish it. How common is that? I found it helpful for pressurizing my head when I lived on top of a mountain and had to drive up and down it everyday.
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    hum that sounds coherent

    and also does contradict Mk's message

    sometimes u really feel like u wanna stretch, and u can stop urself from doing it
    you can also strecth when u want to

    for yawning seems a bit the same, except its a bit harder to control it


    IF only humans yawn THEN

    it has to give an advante over an human who doesnt/cant yawn
    because every human on earth yaws

    this means that during our evolution, those who didnt yawn must have had at least a small disvantage


    ' same thing , but with the related animals, thus might be really complicated coz we would be going more back in evolution

    END IF
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