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Why do YOU choose PF?

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    First things first.

    Yay! My 1000th post :D! I think that's truly epic sauce.

    Ever since I've joined this forum, it's been a real treat. A real community that has real discussions about prominent/educational topics and is willing to help in any which way they can no matter what the problem. I dare say this forum has allowed me to mature in so many different ways and has helped me in achieving real academic goals that would have been way harder to accomplish without this amazing community.

    What I love the most is that you have to WORK and put effort in on PF, not get it spoon fed to you. I don't think I've ever been so compelled to return to a forum so many times and post as many times as I have. It's sort of a 'safe haven' for education where you don't have to fear being ridiculed for being intelligent and you can receive well structured responses from people who are truly interested in the topic at hand. For these reasons I believe PF is a really special forum and I hope to be part of this ever growing community for as long as it stays around.

    How about everyone else? Why do YOU choose PF?

    I'd also like to make a special shout out to the following people who have been really great at this forum. Without these people, heck I'd be stuck doing 1-D integrals forever :

    - Dick
    - Micromass
    - Jbunni
    - Hallsofivy
    - Harupsex
    - Lckurtz
    - Mark44

    Now for the epic mission to 2000! :).
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    I agree
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    Thirded! The first 1000 posts are the hardest :)
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    The reason I choose PF over other communities is similar to yours. This place deserves the complete credit for the academic goals I have achieved. From the past two years, I have posted a lot of questions and the amount of help I have received on them is invaluable. The members here make this a great place, a heaven for learners like me. There are some members I would especially like to thank. Keep posting problems, members here are really good and actively provides valuable help. :)
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    Agreed. The way I see it statistically, I'll probably reach 5000 before I'm done my formal education, which is crazy. That's how useful this website truly is to someone trying to strive for a real education.

    Agreed. If it came down to it, I think I've learned more from this website than I EVER have from a prof. People around here really know their stuff.
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    No crackpots allowed, great moderators, serious discussion (well, OK, we let Drakkith get away with some sad attempts at humor, but generally speaking ... :smile:)
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    Well it's free so...
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    Sometimes I need help; I've yet to be let down. Answering questions when I can is good review, too. Also, it's very satisfying watching the community take a child's question and answer it at a graduate level.
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    Don't listen to Phinds. He's just mad because no one has walked him today.
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    Heh, sometimes not though. Sometimes someone like me has to step in and answer it at the wikipedia level. That's why they pay me the big bucks around here!
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    I have a while since my 1000th post, but I'm on here mainly for the enlightening discussions, and to further advance my knowledge on Quantum Mechanics.
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    I also fully agree with your post, Zondrina.

    The discussion quality on PF is very good - thanks to rules, moderators, and members. I really enjoy reading here, learning things I did not know, picking up links to all kinds of various stuff (mostly physics). And it is a fact that threads on PF have given me a better grasp of quantum mechanics and cosmology than I had before. But I'm still learning... :smile:
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    I wanted to meet some people that are psychic just like me , but ended up here somehow.

    In all seriousness this forum has been very good to me , I received a lot of quality help.
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    Its a good community with a lot of expertise on a lot of subjects.

    In the old days, this was a privilege for the privileged class but nowadays its available for anyone with an internet connection.

    Personally I see this kind of pursuit as a great thing that should be supported and expanded in any way possible.
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    jim hardy

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    Like Ringo said - " I get by with a little help from my friends.... at pf"

    old jim
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    Why do i choose PF?
    Well, to start with, I don't expect anyone to pay too much attention to a 30 odd post count guy like myself, but I find this 'place' amazing. I have no formal education past year 12 (Australia) but have always had a desire to learn more about the way things work, and this place specializes in everything! I like to surround myself with brighter people than myself (so maybe some of their smarts might rub off) so I can learn more about the things that interest me, and learn about things I don't have a clue about (which is about 95% of the forum). Like a lot of the other guys reading this thread, I find it amazing that there are some truly gifted individuals willing to take time out of their lives to help plebs like myself understand things a little better.

    Thanks guys.

  18. Aug 7, 2013 #17
    Attention paid; and I have even fewer posts than you do; though I think I have had a debate [read:argument] with most of the frequent posters [Zz and big boss Greg will probably be the next :eek:].
    I try to be agreeable but its just that I like arguing too much:D That is when the other guy doesn't agree with me. I guess thats why I choose PF---lots of smarts to test yourselves against...;)
  19. Aug 7, 2013 #18
    .....yeah, that too.
    P.S. I have been following PF since fifth grade---I googled if gravity can be repulsive or something along that line-the only site with any relevant answer was PF...have been hooked ever since.
  20. Aug 7, 2013 #19
    I like it here because people reply very fast, they're extremely insightful and they help you solve a problem without just giving you the answer. At first I was intimidated because everyone here is so much smarter than me, but I soon realised that nobody looks down on anyone else here and everyone is so friendly.
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    i do wish chat was open on weekends and not just sundays.
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    Wait, I never even knew PF had a chat o_O?

    They should open that everyday of the week for sure. Get some extra chat moderators going and have great discussion on the fly 7 days a week.
  23. Aug 7, 2013 #22
    do not tell anybody,
    spread the word.
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