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Why do you do what you do?

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    Actions completed by people are done for reasons, weather or not we are aware of the reason at the particular point of time an action is completed is debatable. If you are watching T.V., studying, spending time with your family, whatever it is there is a reason behind it. Perhaps you watch T.V. to entertain yourself, spend time with you family to make them like or appreciate you more, exercise to maintain your physical fitness, study to increase your capacity for different careers etc.. These goals are pursued for their own reasons themselves and so on. You wouldn't be maintaining your physical health or trying to increase your knowledge for nothing or you wouldn't be doing so. But why pursues these goals and what goal are your pursuing in the long run by pursuing these things? What's the final goal/end of life that every person purses? Many people question if they are as they should be at certain points in their lives. To reflect on life is something people do constantly or they wouldn't be pursing goals. If you were already satisfied with your life then you wouldn't exercise to further maintain your health or spend time with your family and friends etc. Perhaps some just aren't aware that they question if they are as they should be. The fact that people do constantly pursue goals is reflective of the fact that people are in general not satisfied with their lives, or perhaps not satisfied enough and that completing certain actions will make you more satisfied.

    Being satisfied with your life brings happiness, or so I would imagine. But what brings satisfaction? I would imagine it's different for each person, but in general it's being satisfied with the achievements you achieved in your life, such as a good education, a good job, a family etc.. One can chase down these things for their whole entire lives, and people do because they think it will make them more satisfied. I however have come to the conclusion that life is in general all about chasing down something which isn't even there. I feel as if one can never be truly satisfied with their lives. Perhaps people are satisfied with their achievements because they are exactly that achievements, actions that not every individual completes, if it was then it wouldn't be an achievement. Perhaps life is all about trying to do stuff others do not and try to differentiate yourself from other people, at least it would seem. If everyone made 100,000 a year I certainly wouldn't be satisfied with my life if I ended up life everyone else and was the same as them and made the same amount a year, I would want to make more money than everyone else and achieve more. If everyone could run a mile in 4 minutes I would want to run faster. If everyone had a phd than I wouldn't be satisfied unless I furthered my education than everyone else. In general I want to achieve goals that others have not, and thereby making myself different from everyone else. I however feel as if I'm a rat running in a wheel going no where because in the end everyone is alike, dead once their lives is over. I feel as if there's nothing one can do to make themselves truly different from other people, despite life appearing to be trying to accomplish just this even though it cannot be done.

    I feel as if my life thus far has been all about the above, trying to gain a higher height over other people and achieving something that not everyone else does. Thus far I feel unsatisfied and feel as if I'm going no where and accomplishing nothing by going to college, trying to get good grades, going to the gym and trying to maintain my health. There has to be more to life to be satisfied and happy than trying to accomplish things everyone else dosen't. I'm not exactly sure what this is at the moment. Any ideas?
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    Is it just a coincidence that this thread has the same name as a thread that is active right now?
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    Look into zen Buddhism.
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