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what is it about physics that grabs your attention, that makes you want to choose it as a career? FOr me, its how everything is logical, yet at the same time, there can be more than one answer to things (like in quantum and big bang theory, etc)

I love physics because it is the key to the door in which the anwsers to the many mysteries of our universe have been hidden.


I've thought about this for many, many years and have come to a tentative conclusion. I'm obviously stark, staring bonkers. That's why I lilke Physics.


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Well, physics ain't my career, but I enjoy studying physics for the insights it gives us into the nature of this reality we find ourselves in.
physics is slowly (maybe to slowly) my career. I don't know exactly why. perhaps it's the feeling of being in a cult that one gets when making physics jokes about life with other god-like know-it-all physicists. Maybe it's my passion to take everything apart and build it again from scratch. Maybe it's my anarchic self-sufficient spirit. Maybe it's the adventure of playing in a lab. Maybe it's all I've been doing all my life. Maybe ...

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