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Why do you like physics?

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    Well, I want you to tell me the reason that you like physics and which branch you like the most. ImageUploadedByPhysics Forums1424879568.657153.jpg
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    I like physics because it opens my mind to the hidden realities of how our world works. I think the quantum world is the most fascinating at the moment.
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    I like physics because ever since I was a young kid (I was born in 1952), I was interested in how things worked and what conditions might make the behavior of such things consistent or erratic. There was no library in our town, but there was a small one in the next town to the south (about a 2-mile walk from home) and I spent a lot of time there as a kid. The librarian was quite tolerant of me, and I was allowed to check out books, which was nice.

    The best books for me were HS texts used by previous students in the school district. The books were old and the content was dated, but they gave me a start. When I got to HS, the physics books weren't a whole lot better. Still, I got enough out of them to do well on SATs, and head to college. I decided to study Chemical Engineering, because there were lots of pulp and paper mills in Maine and I wanted to live here.

    For me, love of physics arose from natural curiosity about our world. One result was that I spent over a decade traveling through the deep south of the US developing and presenting custom training materials to employees of pulp and paper mills. Few had ever had any formal training, and the fact that their managers kept referring me to the owners/managers of other mills was a good sign that the training I offered was productive and useful.
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    I'm double-majoring in physics and electrical engineering. There are two reasons I like it. The first is the pure intellectual stimulation, it's a unique challenge from engineering. The other reason is the added perspective I get in engineering from physics, and vice versa having an engineering perspective when I go to learn physics.

    For instance, I might be in my transmission lines class learning a very applied version of electromagnetism, the properties of certain kinds of waveguide for instance, and I can think back to my advanced electromagnetism class to help me understand what's going on much more deeply than the pure electrical engineering majors who for the most part have only had any electromagnetism in second semester physics.

    Conversely, I might be in my acoustics class learning about how musical instruments produce sound and I can think back to circuit theory where we learned about impulse response. Even though it's (at least to my knowledge) impossible to figure out a characteristic equation for, say, a tuba, having intuition about how a complicated system will respond to a force to produce a desirable output is quite useful.

    It's having the theory AND the application that interests me.
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    "Why do you like physics?"

    o_O better than smoking crack!
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    I did my undergrad in physics because I knew I wanted to do science and physics was the most fundamental science.
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    I was told by my mom to go to physics in my undergrad because she has a relative who get paid well in his job after graduating from physics undergrad. To be honest I'm more interested in studies of prehistoric life and human's early mobilities. Then why did I like physics for the first time? I guess it's because I was forced to like it, otherwise I wouldn't do well in my exams. But as time flies I begin to be able to enjoy physics.
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    I was blind when I was born. Physics or advances in technologies saved my eyes and renewed my mind. It teaches me to acquire critical thinking skills, to understand and explain what is going on around me correctly. My current bad habit is smoking. I fail after every time I try. I feel sad when I realize I always slip back into the same habit. I can't quit it.
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    get a vaporizer, the kind that's rechargeable and uses refillable liquid, I'm 2 months without smoking.
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    How is this relevant?
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    sorry for going off topic, just figured I'd give some advice on what worked for me so my fellow pf'er doesn't get cancer and die. :cry:
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    Inspired by the excellent short reply by Greg...
    ...my own short reply would be this: I like physics because it gets me as close to nature/the Universe as I possibly can; physics includes the study of the very small to the very large, e.g. spanning more than 40 orders of magnitude of length.
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    Because it likes me back.
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    I finished my nursing degree and couldn't have been more miserable once I started working as a nurse. The repetition was enough to make me want to shove a fork in my eye socket. The knowledge we have right now in the realm of physics is a drop in the bucket compared to what's out there. I love physics because there will always be something new to learn and study! And for a girl who can barely sit still for a full 60 seconds, I most certainly need that. I'd rather not spend tens of thousands of dollars on another degree that is going to bore me to tears!
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    That's not really good for a physicist. As a scientist, you will encounter certain problem that requires days or weeks of thinking about. If you can't spend that much time on a problem, then science might not be for you. I'm not trying to discourage you, but you should know what you're getting into!
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    I guess I should've explained that a bit more. I do very well in an environment where I have something to ponder, something to solve. Now, granted, I am VERY much a "pace back and forth while I'm thinking" kind of girl. But, no one said that being a scientist means you need to be confined to your desk chair in a seated position all day, right? I have two giant dry erase boards hanging in my living room and I like to work out my problems/homework there. So, I may be moving, but I'm also thinking! :)
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    Oh ok. I'm a back-and-forth person myself. I like to walk and move while thinking or while listening. I've known quite a lot of people like that too. I guess it really helps :D
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    I like to think we have an enhanced sense of our brain-body relationship lol... When the brain moves, so must the body!
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    I like physics because it's the branch of the sciences which provides me the most awe.
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