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Why does my battery behave like this?

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    I have four 4 volts SLA and when I charge it, the two cells in the middle voltage goes up above 5 volts which is way pass the healthy charging voltage. The other two cells voltages stay at 4.8 which is good.

    The pack is rated at 16v 8 aH. If I draw 16amp, will it hurt the pack?
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    your sealed lead acid batterys are 4V each, if you charge them at 16A ,i believe they may in fact be damaged.. you should limit the time they are charging..and test the voltage periodically...
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    "If I draw 16amp, will it hurt the pack?"

    If the drain current is 16amp not charge current. it is a different question. Charge current is around 2 amp max
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    They will only last 1/2 an hour ,but i dont think it will hurt them , no..
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