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Why does my hand tingle?

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    i got some strong magnets from work which i think are neodymium magnets. well i was messign with them and i held them in my hand and put my hand near my alarm clock/radio and then my hand began to tingle or feel weird when it got close to it. can someone give me an explanation for this :biggrin:
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    Maybe the magnetic force jas transfered onto your hand, and is affecting the electric energy in your clock/radio. (I'm no expert, so I may be wrong) :smile:
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    I'm going to guess that the clock/radio runs on AC, that it is plugged into the wall socket, and isn't battery operated. Right?
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    this is correct. does the current go thru the air and into my hand/magnet or something lmao
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    I think what is happening is that the magnets are responding to the magnetic field of the transformer in the clock. In other words, they are vibrating at 60 cycles per second in response to the transformer oscillations, and this rapid vibration is senced by your hands as a "tingle".
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    maybe the magnet is interacting with the iron in your blood?
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    I have never actually checked, so I don't know, but I think if you look up and find out what it actually is we call "iron" in blood, is probably a compound of iron, and not one that is magnetic. If it were, you could get a powerful magnet to stick to a person. This just doesn't happen. People all over the world are put into the unbelievably powerful magnetic fields of MRI scanning machines every day and no human flesh has ever stuck to one.
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    hmm yea i think that might be it because i tried it again and i think the magnet is just vibrating really fast lol
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