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News Why does terrorism exist?

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    In the thread "Student faces terrorism charges" we started discussing the why terrorism exist, but it was locked because of straying too far OT. We continue here.

    "Can you imagine one thing: Somebody will/or trying to kill your "GOD" who you trust forever, then what you will do then?"

    My point exactly! Their religion and God is holy to them, even if it doesn't exist! Many of them are filled with hate, but I doubt they would commit suicide if they weren't also convinced that they'll get paid in Paradice for doing these horrible things.
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    3....2........1.......cling cling.
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    Are you are inferring that only Muslims are terrorists? If so, there is no need to continue this thread.
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    I'm not! I mentioned suicide bombers in particular. I want to hear what you think is the reason for the acts of terror we've seen in the US and in Europe recently. Most of them (if not all) are committed by Muslims.

    Off course other people are terrorists as well. Christians, atheists, Jews, pangans...
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    Are you suggesting Muslims are the only ones who give their lives for their beliefs?

    Maybe you'd better retreat and regroup and pose your question more carefully.

    P.S. I'm not sure how many aetheist terrorists there are. I'd would be willing to bet there is a ... statistically significant ... lack of aetheism amongst the world's terroists.
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    I'm not! But certainly more than other religious people. Giving ones life for ones blind beliefs is not a good thing, btw.

    By the way, I agree with you. There are short of ateists among terrorists. I think religion and blind belief that is the main reason why there is terrorism and wars in todays world.

    I don't respect religious beliefs. But that doesn't mean I don't respect religious people.
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    You have so many presuppositions and personal biases that it's difficult to call this a discussion. It's really you asserting your personal (and, arguably, blind) beliefs.
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    This thread appears to have been created for targeting a specific religion for criticism rather than discussing the roots of terrorism generally.

    "cling cling"
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