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Why does the earth behave like a giant magnet?

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    why does the earth behave like a giant magnet?

    why the hole in the ozone layer is above Antarctica but not polluted continents?

    in a fractional distillating column of liquid air, the 'exit' of oxygen gas (b.p. -183C) is below the argon gas (b.p. -186C). However, when the liquid air encounters the 'exit' of oxygen gas which is at -183C, the argon also boils. So we cannot seperate the oxygen and argon.
    What's wrong with my concept?
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    anyone can help me?
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    the answer to your first question is that there is much molten metal in the core of the earth. the motions of this metal is what changes the location of the magnetic poles. yes, they do move.metal does that. the answer to your second question may be found at www.nasa.gov .

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