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Why does the potenial decrease in case of a capacitor

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    why does the potenial decrease in case of a capacitor
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    Please make the question little more clear, what potential are you talking about is it electric field potential or potential energy.
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    Dear Lakshmi,

    The Decrease In Voltage Over Time Is Due To Leakage, Ie Imperfections In Insulation.

    <> Roger <>
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    it is the electrical potential decrease
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    Let a parallel plate capacitor, Both plates are connected to diffrent terminals of a battery. On the plate connected with the positive side of the battery there is a positive charge and voltage V(+) similerly on the other plate there is a negative charge and voltage V(-).
    As one move from the one of the plate to other there will be change in voltage, usually charge is assumed to move from positive to negative side, Voltage is decreased.
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