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Why does the sun generate white light?

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    and does the sun also genrate the full EM spectrum? why does it do that and not a certain wavelength, is it possible to have certain ones, is that what dead stars do, like pulsars only emit radiowaves?
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    The sun does generate pretty much the full spectrum, although not equally. In addition to hydrogen fusion, there are other reactions going on and an intense magnetic field. Keep in mind that what we perceive as white light is a combination of all visible frequencies. Pulsars and black holes produce in the radio range because of synchrotron radiation from their incredibly compressed magnetic fields (magnetism is conserved along with angular momentum when they collapse). The gamma and X-ray emissions come from the heat of compression and friction as infalling matter is crushed out of existence. There are no longer any fusion reactions to produce visible light.
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    Because it's so damn hot!

    The hotter a star the broader the spectrum, the whiter the light.
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