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Why does this forum and it's members hate progress

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    i have been reading threads on possible new theories and ways to have them read and commented on. In every single thread the majority of answers read something like " you wouldn't be asking this question if you had a phd and since you don't have a phd you can't add anyhting to the conversation." of course this quote is very simplified but the thrust of most of the answers is the same.
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    How can you possibly add to the body of human knowledge if you don't know what's already been done?

    Furthermore, the mission of the forum is not to progress science. We mainly wish to have discussions on mainstream science (that is, the science that is known now). New science will never be invented on forums or the internet. That's mainly being done at universities, as labs, companies, etc.
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    There is a difference between fantasy and real progress.

    The community staff has decided the path PF takes is one of mainstream science and education. There are many other communities that cater to speculative theory discussion.

    I do agree your quote sounds very rude and I hope no one talks like that. Report it if you see it.
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    If this is true in every single case, you should be able to present examples. Can you give me, say, five?
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    See: PF Needs A Personal Theory Forum Like We Need A Computer Virus
    https://www.physicsforums.com/blog.php?b=2979 [Broken]
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