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Why eccentric orbits?

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    Most (about 70%) of the exo-planets we discovered has an eccentric orbit, could it have a non-eccentric planet orbiting the same sun?

    Also, does finding 70% of exo-planets having eccentric orbits imply our solar system is rare?
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    Planetary systems with eccentric orbits are easier to detect using existing methods.

    Why are you so pre-occupied with the rarity of planetary systems similar to the solar system? Practically all of your threads and posts are on this single topic.

    Right now, we do not have the technological ability to detect Earth-like planets around even the stars in our immediate vicinity. We have no idea whether they exist or not, because we couldn't yet detect them even if they did.

    All that you're left with is speculation.

    - Warren
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    Because I might do a project on this, with orbits and stuff

    "Planetary systems with eccentric orbits are easier to detect using existing methods." - Yeah, thats what I thought so too
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