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Medical Why familiar ?

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    Can familiarity be explained by neurons or the brain ? how can that be ?
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    why are there people who can memorize things just happened but i can not ?
    Is it because i am a fool or my brain is already full.
    I can memorize 3/10 things shown up whereas others can at least 5/10
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    Your brain is not full. People who can memorize stuff easily just have a little different wiring than you in their brains. Concentrate on your strong points instead of worrying about what others can do better. There will always be someone who can do any given thing better than you, but that dioesn't mean that what you do isn't fine and valuable.
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    Thank you, whenever I finish one exercise, I just don't know why I always find my solution bad and too simple, and that bores me.
    Again thanks.

    Before marriage, two persons always find each other attractive but after the marriage, will attraction remain ?
    There are people who never divorce but are they still attracted by their lovers ?
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