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News Why fear dangerous DICK?

  1. Oct 8, 2004 #1
    The runningmate of President Flop-Flop is Dick Cheney.

    Some interesting points of view of Dick:

    13 HE was one of just 21 members of Congress to oppose the Safe Drinking Water Act

    15 HE opposed extending the Civil Rights Act. This was designed to give black Americans the same rights as whites. Cheney also voted against holding Martin Luther King Day annually.

    19 HE was one of only four Congressmen to vote against banning plastic guns that are invisible to metal detectors.

    Oct 8 2004

    By Alexandra Williams

    HE IS one of the most powerful - and sinister - men in the world.

    Dick Cheney's career has taken him to one of the highest offices in the world, yet it has been marred by one disaster after another.
    Today Dangerous Dick, 63, is Vice President. But for how much longer?

    DISASTER: Bush's camp may not tolerate Cheney for much longer

    Republican spin doctors are trying to portray George W Bush as a candidate of reconciliation and inclusion.

    But the glowering, bullying presence of Cheney has become a major problem.

    This is a man so removed from the politics of forgiveness and understanding that, as a congressman, he once voted against calling for Nelson Mandela's release from prison.

    His politics are those of selfish confrontation and hypocrisy.

    "Cheney's manner and authority of voice far outstrip his true abilities," says Chas Freeman, who served under Bush's father as ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

    "It was clear from the start that Bush Jnr required adult supervision, but it turns out Cheney has even worse instincts.

    "He does not understand that when you act recklessly, your mistakes will come back and bite you on the ass."

    Here the Daily Mirror takes a hard look at the hard man of American politics.

    1 HE is being investigated by federal prosecutors about the leak of the identity of an undercover CIA officer, the wife of a vocal critic of the US government in the build-up to the war in Iraq.

    2 HE has twice been arrested for drink driving.

    3 IN 1986 he opposed the release of Nelson Mandela (below)*from jail in South Africa.

    4 HE backed tax breaks for energy corporations and fought efforts to clean up hazardous waste.

    5 HE made disastrous decisions as Defense Secretary under President George Bush Snr. He turned military duties over to private companies and put so-called intellectuals with no military experience into key posts in the Pentagon.

    6 CHENEY'S stint as boss of energy company Halliburton led it from success to disaster in five years when he bought a subsidiary which saddled the firm with a multi-million pound asbestos lawsuit.

    7 AS boss of Halliburton he struck lucrative deals with Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi.

    end of quote.
    The other points can be found: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/allnew...-we-should-fear-dangerous-dick-name_page.html
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    i am much more afraid of a malicious Dick then i am of a dirty Bush..
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    Kerrie, :rofl: That's a great line!
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Well...ummm...errrr...I want to agree with you, but somehow I feel a little uncomfortable jumping right in with exactly those words.
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    yea, well, i was watching the 2nd debate when i typed this and had a couple of beers in me :tongue2:
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    Rofl, I think this thread needs to be locked and ratedXX!
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