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Why Geometry?

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    Excuse me, since the question could be misplaced to this board while a better forum board might fit:

    Why is Geometry in High School, the college preparatory course, important for any PRACTICAL puposes, when Intermediate Algebra, Trig+Math Analysis, and Statistics seem so much more practical and applicable to real world situations? The idea that Geometry be "beutiful" or is relevant to Art is not an adequate reason here; my motivation is to know how people can use Geometry in important ways similar to Algebra, Statistics, and Trigonometry. Do Engineers, or anyone, actually conduct proofs based upon that college preparatory Geometry course? Do any people really apply the individual geometric properties (Excluding Trigonometry) to derive relationships for problem solving, in any technical, engineering, or technician-type field? Further, merely having a formula result of "this is how you calculate volume of a cylinder", or any such simple result, is not what I'm asking about. My question is a far bigger one than something like that.
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    Many times a school subject (such as geometry) is useful in that it teaches you a certain way to think that you never would without such courses. Never mind the practical, or sometimes seemingly impractical, sides of a school subject.
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    Geometry was one of the major early developments in the study of mathematics. Today our technical problems have advanced beyond the point where we can just apply simple geometrical principles, but the study of geometric principles at the high school level is still extremely important. I like to reason geometrically, even if I'm working on a calculus problem. I think also that the high school geometry course gives an easier introduction to the idea of proofs than another course--algebra, for instance.
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