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Why Gods exsistence will not ever be answered?

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    Why "Gods" exsistence will not ever be answered?

    First of all we look aside from religion and go straight to physics
    As we all now unverse is expanding like a "sphere" which is gettin greater in diameter for every second with the speed of light. We can not get faster than speed of light therefore we cant get out of our visible universe, but there is a possibility to create a wormhole which will create a shortcut but only inside the universe/system. What is outside of our universe is not interestin because we dont know what it is in there or which physical laws are there to follow, therefore we define that place as not EXISTING. The same goes with the God, something that is 100% unknown can never be studied or explained.
    Because i believe in God doesnt mean that i believe in any of the religions. I think discussion about Gods existence will follow the discussion of the Fate vs Freewill, cos only by changing the past you can proof that Fate does not exist, which is as we know not possible.
    So i suggest we leave this God or no God and go do something usefull.
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