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Why good firday?

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    why "good" firday?

    i was just learning the history of alaska (sometimes i feel an urge to learn about distant lands, last time it was georgia (not the US state)).

    and i got to the part of good friday's earthquake, the greatest earthquake recorded in north america and third greatest earthquake recorded in the whole world.

    131 people died, $1.8 billion in 2006 U.S. dollars and $65 million in 2006 Canadian dollars damage was done.

    why the hell do they call it GOOD friday???!!!

    uhh, ignore this post... it got posted twice, and anyway i found out why it was called that way
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    Good friday to me means the day that Christ was crucified. The friday before easter.

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    The most obvious explanation is that people tend to call things like this with names associated with the day it happened if there is one. Example: St. Valentines Day Massacre.

    And if those werent the actual days both those things happened, then i dont know.
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    If somebody was killed, why the hell "good"? :rofl:
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    These explain it in some detail, but it is basically the Friday before Easter Sunday -



    Because of the uncertainty of the day and year of the original event, and the fact that people in Jerusalem used a lunar calendar, the date shifts each year in the modern solar calendar.

    As for why it is good -
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    In Norwegian it is called the "Long Friday" (a long day of suffering, essentially)
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