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Why haven't Bonnie and Eric collaborated?

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    I have been a fan of Eric since his Bluesbreaker days, and of Bonnie, since about '70 when her first album came out. Why haven't they collaborated? It's bugging the hell out of me. Bonnie has a really rich and refined voice and has fantastic control. Clapton's voice is more "smoke and booze" and is better-suited to a Freddie King-type holler. Bonnie has a sweet slide (not that Eric's is slack) and they both have so many fans...why not a collaborative album?
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    They did, in a way.

    Excellent guitar from all of them, but I think Buddy Guy blew everyone else out of the water that night. Even Clapton is shaking his head watching Buddy.

    You are right though, Bonnie and Eric would make a great combination. Why it hasn't happened - I don't know - but I would sure love to see it!

    This one - I love sooo much:

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