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Why i believe in God

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  1. Sep 5, 2003 #1
    this goes under the philosophy of religion:

    hello. this is my first post. greetings.

    first of all, it's *not* because someone told me to. and i'm not telling you to. in fact, i want you to find your own way to the truth.

    i know it sounds crazy, but i can feel the presence of God. it doesn't speak to me, there are no burning bushes, no miracles, etc. i just feel peace, love, and bliss when i am in connection with it. at times, these feelings are so profound, it is almost overwhelming. i would compare a couple of occasions to near-death experiences. most of the time, i feel those feelings to a lesser extent, but they're usually there unless i raise obstacles against them.

    it started during a dream when i said "God?" i asked the air because i felt a presence i couldn't identify. i immediately woke up and i was in a very altered state. i was profoundly at peace and very blissful. i walked around very slowly and time seemed to stand still. these words don't seem to quite capture the profundity of the experience. it had a lasting impression on me up to this day, one month later. i've been writing quite a lot, though not neccessarily about that experience or about God. i feel inspired.

    i grew up a christian but left organized religion for various reasons. contradictions in the bible, the crusades, the inquisition, misconduct of priests, etc (not that those are necessarily really good reasons but i was 15). i vacillated between athiesm and agnosticism and dabbled in the occult, settling on agnosticism. i firmly believed that i would never receive proof either way that God exists. then an odd thing happened. within the last year, i don't know when or *why*, i started believing in God again. i just don't know what changed my mind. none of my friends know. and then i started having these experiences once every few months as described of profound peace, love, and bliss in which i'd feel particularly close to God.

    so, in short, i didn't see God with my eyes, but i did "see" God. i experienced a sort of communion with God. i remember feeling a *much* lesser version of it when i took communion in church.

    it has occured to me that maybe this is all just altered brain chemistry. it really doesn't matter to me. by all appearances, it might as well be God. if it looks like a duck, smells like a duck...

    another thing is that this happened a few weeks after i started actively seeking a closer connection with God. i'm reading "the eye of the i: from which nothing is hidden" which is about someone's relevant experience. all i did was pray for this connection and journal my progress. that's it. then i started to feel the connection better. and then one day, bamn, it hit me like a ton of bricks. and that was proof enough for me.

    what i think is interesting is people who believe in God on faith without having any connection to God or communion with God. that's like having faith that pluto exists without having ever looked into a telescope. that's not to say that faith is unjustified. but the first hand experience reinforces the faith. i don't have faith in God. i know God exists from first hand experience. as if i've seen pluto through the telescope. and it's a life-changing experience. to once and for all have the question finally settled, to once be an athiest and agnostic and now be, not a believer, but a knower.

    but i'm not a christian. nor am i apart of a religion. i don't know anything about adam and eve or jesus. i don't know about buddha or muhamed. moses or ezekiel. what i do is hear what they say and extract what is right for me. i read the writing and what resonates elevates my level of consciousness. the same could be said for what malai5 writes. i also have no idea what will happen when we die. i don't know if there is a heaven or a hell. in short, all i know is what i've experienced. and that is God.

    phew! that was long. i don't normally write that much. thank you for patiently reading.
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  3. Sep 6, 2003 #2


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    Greetings !

    Don't take this the wrong way but believers in God
    sometimes can have a pretty tough life here...:wink:
    Yeah, I know the feeling, but it takes quite a few
    shots of whiskey to really experience it...
    Dude, whatever does it for you is fine. :smile:
    After all, if there is a God then you'd think he'd want you
    to be happy and if there isn't one then you'd still
    want to be happy, right ? :wink:

    Peace and long life.
  4. Sep 6, 2003 #3
    Odd, I don't remember writing and posting this. I sure sounds like me. Same type history and experience only younger.
    phoenixthoth, you have said better than I have been able to here. Our experience is much the same with much the same result. I know; but, I also know that say so alienates people because there have been so many charletans that say they know and commune with God. It changes nothing but they turn off to soon to read the rest. I therefore say that I am convinced. It is the same.
    Thankyou for all of your posts. It validates what I have learned and tells me that it isn't just me. I may be delussional or be having pschotic episodes. I may just be crazy. To know that someone else has experienced much of what I have experienced and seen what I have seen gives me hope that it isn't just that I'm crazy or at least I'm not crazy alone.
    Long ago when first starting out on my journey I tried automatic writing but could never get it to work for me. I just got gibberish.
    Meditation worked/s for me. I simply ask as you say and I know. It may take several days before I know that I know or fully understand what I know but the answer always comes. And, yes sometimes the answer is that I don't have the understanding, the tools, yet to understand the answer.
    Again thank you.
  5. Sep 6, 2003 #4

    Welcome to the PhysicsForums.

    Dont worry to much about what Drag had said...Yes there are quite a few out there that can try and make things difficult...but if you hold true to your faith then you can see that most of what is said is often baseless. ;)

    My youth was similar. Although I had always believed there was a God, I dabbled in witchcraft and other religions, studying many. But I never attended church or had even read the Bible. And even today as an old man of 36, I still cannot spout chapter and verse, but I know most of the stories and can find my way around my crusty ole worn Bible. I do attend church however. My experiences led me to reading the Bible and praying while I read and many more wonderous revelations came to me while reading. Understanding not only of what the chapters mean in an outwardly appearance but the many many lessons contained within them and how they can help apply to my everyday life.

    Glad to have you hear Phoenix. Enjoy your stay.
  6. Sep 6, 2003 #5
    "Dude, whatever does it for you is fine.
    After all, if there is a God then you'd think he'd want you
    to be happy and if there isn't one then you'd still
    want to be happy, right ?"

    yup. either way makes no difference to it in my mind.

    "Don't take this the wrong way but believers in God
    sometimes can have a pretty tough life here..."

    i love a challenge. i believe i have reproducable writing experiments that can lead you into a greater understanding of yourself and God, but it is up to you to decide if that's where you want to go in life, inward towards the self and outwards towards God.

    "Enjoy your stay."

    thank you!

    may your journey be graceful,
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