Why Is Halo Considered One of the Best Video Games?

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In summary: It's not all run and gun like most FPS's are. In summary, the best video game ever is either Starcraft or Half-life. These two games are incredibly fun to play and are sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.
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What, in your opinon is the best video game ever, for all systems?
My vote goes to Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, no explination needed.

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If The Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past isn't at the top, it had better be near. :approve:
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Wow that is an extremely tough question.

I would have to say metal gear solid 3 snake eater or call of duty for PC.
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Mario Kart (for snes and 64), GTA: San Andreas, MGS 1 (for ps1). Armored Core [The original for ps1], was an awesomely fun multiplayer game, imo. Tiger Woods PGA Tour is quite a fun game too, surprisingly.
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It really depends on genre.

If you're talking first-person shooters, I liked the Half Life games a lot.
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Half Life Mods, SOF, AVP, Sc, i wann play warhammer40k
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Thief: The Dark Project
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I used to be an avid gamer, but not anymore, so my opinions are probably outdated. I used to be a huge Final Fantasy fan, with probably FFVI (FFIII on the SNES) being my favorite of the series (though it's a tough call, they're all so great). Some more old school games that deserve mention are Super Metroid (for the SNES) and, yes, the original Legend of Zelda on the NES (nothing will ever beat its pure sense of fun). Recently I came out of gaming hibernation to play the GTA series which is also a blast, with Vice City being my favorite. GTA: San Andreas was a deeper gaming experience, but I just loved the 80s vibe of VC.
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Resident Evil!
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Starcraft. And Halo and Super Smash for parties.

Oh crap -- I can't forget old school Donkey Kong. I absolutely loved and grew up on these games.
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Baldur's Gate II.
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Final fantasy 7 is the best imo. the movie has been made of it and it was released in japan so if you never played the game yuo can watch the movie whenever it comes to the usa
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Knavish said:
Starcraft. And Halo and Super Smash for parties.

Oh crap -- I can't forget old school Donkey Kong. I absolutely loved and grew up on these games.

Why is halo so popular anyway?
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Civilization II.

No contest IMO.
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My vote goes:

1. Starcraft
2. Half-life

Nothing beats slaughtering opponents in starcraft with 100+ cracklings and ultralisks :biggrin:
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I'm a little sucker for action. but.
FFVII. Best music, greatest story.

On game terms though I would rather go for Hero's Quest I(QFG1), Thief I, or maybe some other very basic form of game like Lemmings, which doesn't have all the repetitous fighting. Or BG2. Daggerfall and Descent 2 was also bestest.
Adventure games are always intelligent gaming, as everyone agrees to.

Then again, nothing beats pnp rpgs :)
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I have to say HL2 is one of the best games i have ever played, along with HL

BG1, BG2, PST etc (Infinity engine games) are my passion tho :biggrin:

Just completed Darwinia by Introversion. Awsome game and recommend it to everyone :smile:
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HL1 was awsome, but HL2 was extremely dissapointing for me. Baldur's Gate, definately good choice and I probably played more of starcraft than any other game.. ever. The Entire Theif Series.. all good. Geeze it's such a tough decision. Mario Kart kicked ass too.

I give up, I can't decide between all the good ones. Let's not all forget Medeival Total War.

Edit: Morrowind
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Return to Castle Wolfenstein / Theif 1 & 2 / NOLF II
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for PC: Outkast - It really had a nice atmosphere and story.

for MegaDrive: Contra (Probotector) - Nice shooting action, also with 2 players

for NES: Super Mario 3 - Yay, adventure and jump and run

for SNES: Street Fighter II - Sho Ryuuuuu Ken!

for Game Boy: Tetris - Player versus player mode, lots of fun.
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Jagged Alliance series, Syndicate Wars series, to name a few
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Hmm, what about goldeneye multiplayer for n64? That was a fun mp game, imo.
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mattmns said:
Hmm, what about goldeneye multiplayer for n64? That was a fun mp game, imo.

http://www.goldeneyesource.com/ they are making it for hl2 engine lol
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yomamma said:
Why is halo so popular anyway?

I'm not big into analyzing video games; I just play what becomes popular. How it got popular over others, hell if I know. As long as the game isn't repulsive or anything -- and Halo is actually quite entertaing -- I'll play and have some fun with friends. Compared to the few other FPS's I've played, I like Halo for its smooth (as opposed to frantic) gameplay and that it has a little bit of strategizing involved.

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