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Homework Help: Why is it possible

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    1. When determining the concentration of calcium carbonate in an antacid tablet, why using a wet flask will end up with a significant higher concentration????

    2. Gas laws

    I would expect a lower yeild of gas since some of the calcium carbonate reacts with water and escape from the tube....but higher??
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    Can you describe the method that you are using? It's hard to answer without knowing how you determine the concentration of calcium carbonate.
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    A reaction happened between HCl and antacid (which contains calcium carbonate) and the reaction flask was equipped with a pressure detector... by calculating the difference between # of moles of gas in the flask before and after(nf-ni=(pf'/Tf-pi'/Ti)*V/R...
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    Your pressure sensor measures the pressure of every gas within the flask. It is more proper to say that you are measuring the partial pressure of CO2. What other gases are present in the flask?
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