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Why is it uncalculable?

  1. Mar 26, 2004 #1
    Hey guys!

    I've a quick question. Why is it that we can't do the calculation or whatever that would "verify" string theory? I hear things like we don't have enough computing power.. How did we arrive at equations so complex we can't even solve them?
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    Well I'm not really that much of an expert in string theory, but equations that are too difficult to solve isn't really that big a deal. It happens all the time. But maybe a bigger problem is that we don't have experimental data that we could compare string theory against...General relativity and particle physics both work in a way too well in their own areas to leave any experimental results that could really prove or disprove string theory. That could change in the LHC particle accelerator that comes on line in a couple of years. If supersymmetric particles were discovered, that would be a major boost for string theory. But nobody really knows whether they will be found or not.

    But fortunately the question whether the Higgs boson exists or not will at least be settled..
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