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Homework Help: Why is physics so confusing?

  1. Oct 19, 2004 #1
    Why is physics so confusing???

    Hey, it's my first time here...cz i need serious help.
    My teacher gave us a review sheet for a big test, and he expects me to do it, even knowing that i jus moved in to this class...
    I've got most of the notes...but i still find things confusing...

    For Question#1

    Fnet = Fg-Fn
    I understand the concept so far...but since the angle will NOT create a right angle, i need to find another method of getting Fx.
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    here is the question

    1. During a space shuttle flight, an acceleration upward of 29.4m/s2[Y15X] is measured. Assuming that the shuttle has a mass of 570000kg, calculate the force that the small maneuvering thrusters would have to fire at to accomplish this. The main engines provide a force of 15000000N [Y] upward.
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    opps...i jus realized...this dosent belong in this forum...it's needs to be sent to the homework help forum
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