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Why is pornography wrong?

  1. Sep 15, 2004 #1
    Why is pornography wrong?

    Please to do not reply if u are a secular humanist or a revolutionary who enjoys pornography or has absolutely nothing against. I am trying to change my understanding about this topic to one which is good; my current one is as i see it, very wrong.

    Thank you ahead of time for being helpful people like you always are.
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    So we shouldn't respond if we have a different religion than you? Why wouldn't you want different viewpoints?

    - Warren
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    Well. I'm sorry. I did not mean it the way you perceived it.

    The situation is: I have investigated the viewpoints of e.g. some secular humanists and atheists, as well as Christian viewpoints. I undestand and value Christian viewpoints. Yet i can not seem to be compeltely convinced about the wrongness of pornography.

    I did not mean to say i do not want to see other religion's opinions and viewpoints. Yet i do not consider sexually-centric secular humanism as a religion or faith. I much rather thing of it as an absurd philosophy.
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    Does anyone have any ideas? I'm sorry, i am just a little eager for an answer.
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    There is no answer. It's a personal, or perhaps a societal decision. If you believe in God, then it's a religious issue. Believe whatever you'd like to believe.

    - Warren
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    What the hell does religion have to do with pornography ???
    (as far as I can tell, just that it has been prosecuted by christianism as a deadly sin, to my opinion just as a side effect of the prosecution of every sexually-related issue except the reproduction -apparently saved from prosecution just because otherwise christians would not have lasted for long-).

    Pornography as such may be perfectly acceptable as long as no human being is humiliated.
    We watch as entertainment or just as curiosity other human beings doing every kind of activities: doing sports, performing their jobs, taking a walk with their families, dancing, acting as ridiculous clowns just for our fun, performing artistics activities, speaking political or ideological speeches......... literally every kind of activity including the so-called "cultural" (able and aimed to transfer some knowledge) or the so-called "leisure" (without any particular purpose or just for entertainment).

    Watching other humans have sex is perfecty acceptable, as long as none of them acts against his/her will.
    To me, much of what we see in some TV programs is more decadent and humiliating than letting other people see how you have sex.

    All the rest are just moral principles promoted by some religions from so long ago, that they nearly feel like hardwired in our brains.

    (please note that this comment is purely about pornography itself, understood as just watching other humans having sex. The problem is that unfortunately there are other frequently related issues such as adultery, submision, forcing against one's will, "anything-for-money" etc which should need a completely different discusion)
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    It distorts the fine balance within the social fabric of life.
    Tylenol PM just kicked in but we'll write more on this soon.
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    It seems like you could say that equally well or moreso about the depiction of violence on TV and in movies. It strikes me as odd that on prime-time non-cable television in the U.S., shootings and stabbings can be shown, but not beautiful bodies in their entirety. I have heard that European television isn't quite so strict when it comes to skin.
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    The Bible has more graphic violence and sex for the reader to visually interpret than most Western religious texts.
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    I don't know any person that would watch porn other than for sexual reasons, even though some are just hilarious... Anyhow, it's only wrong if you abuse it. Having a sexual drive is good and can help make a person more productive, and fullfilling it is a great way to relax as well. Just don't ever substitute it for love or for a girl because then you're just fooling yourself.

    There isn't anything really that turns a girl on like the idea of sex, and porn is a great stimulant for that.
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    "I know and am persuaded by the Lord, Jesus Christ, that nothing is unclean of itself; but, he whom esteemeth something to be unclean, to him it is unclean." Romans 14, 14. King James version of the Bible.

    What more do you need to know or other opinions do you need when the only opinion that counts is your own opinion. If porn ( or anything else) is wrong, bad or sinful to you then it is wrong, bad or sinful to you. Do you want someone else to make up your mind for you or do you want to make up your own mind and form your own opinions?

    Long ago in a far different age Lenny Bruce, a controversial comedian who was repeatedly arrested for uttering swear and dirty words on stag said that he couldn't understand why somebody would let there kids watch murder, violence and war in the movies and television but would not let them watch two people make beautiful love to one another. I would hardly call most hard porn as making beautiful love; but, he had and still has a valid point in my opinion.
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    Lenny was one of the first people to make me THINK!

    I believe that on several ocassions I caught a bus outside a club he was appearing at, in south jersey, and was too young to go in. The same Phila. police department (that arrested him) would not allow a playboy club to get a license, allowed 'clip joints' all up and down Locust street. what a joke!

    the only obscenity in the movies, IMHO, are war or horror movies that glorify violence.

    olde drunk
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    You are so right! Sexuality is a natural part of life. It didn't come from the Devil, but when it is abused in society like it is today, then I'll have to say that the sex described in the Bible is FAR AWAY from today's pornography! :tongue2:
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    And movies that glorify adultery and an unstable sexual life!
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    I remember watching German network TV ads, with bare breasted beer maids, when I was 13. For some reason the US is ashamed to show public nudity, but not violence.

    In general the pornography that disturbs me is that where someone is demeaned or forced, showing more of a gross director's fantasies than any freedom of acting. Remember, guys, who is really choreographing the scene you're getting off on!
  17. Sep 16, 2004 #16
    please don’t take me the wrong way…

    scenario: let’s say you are a guy, and your girlfriend or wife is offered 2 jobs in two separate movie.

    Job 1: Play a cop that shoots a criminal while he is running from a crime scene.

    Job 2: Star in a hardcore porn film where 6 guys simply fill all her holes and do the nastiest things to her.

    are you getting the picture!? do you see the point!

    now tell me if you had to pick a job for her which one will you pick!? and be honest (not just with us but to yourself as well) , she has to do one, which one!? huh?

    in no way am I promoting gore / violence, I think that is just as wrong. but a child (of teen age) is less prone to duplicate violent act then a sexual act. By normalizing pornography you are causing a ripple effect in the pond of social moral balance. It affects lot more then you think, lot more! think about it!
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    This is an extremely slanted set of choices, Amir.

    In one film, she is just depicted as shooting someone. In the other, she is actually doing the sex acts. How about arguing a more rational set of alternatives, like these:

    Would you rather your girlfriend kill someone, or have sex with someone?

    I hope you'd agree with me that you'd rather your girlfriend have sex.

    - Warren
  19. Sep 16, 2004 #18
    chroot: We are talking about pornography here are we not? As for me, personally, I would have nothing do with such a person. Killing in self-defense and other justifiable reasons is one thing and committing fornication of worst kind is quite the other!

    hope you get my point!
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    Your example was that of a cop shooting a criminal as he flees a crime scene. Not only would this not be self-defense, it would be illegal, at least in the US.

    In other words, you'd prefer that your girlfriend commit second-degree murder than have sex with someone else.

    Now that's ethos at work.

    - Warren
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    Hmm..I didn't know "fornication" was still in usage..:wink:
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