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Why is psi so small?

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    It's strange that psychic powers if they exist should be at all debatable. If they exist they should be obvious. Think of the incredible advantage such powers would give any creature in the battle for survival. Certainly this would be something that evolution would select for - heavily. So given even a tiny bit of psi existing, it would eventually be developed by evolution to be one of our main senses, if not the main one. It seems strange that the most aggressive testing of humans now reveals tiny psychic effects (according to believers) or none at all. If it exists it should be something that we use continually.

    Or here's another way of looking at it. We did develop incredible psychic powers through evolution: the ability to sense objects at a distance (sight and hearing), the ability to detect the proximity of objects (smell), etc.

    To a rock, if it could think, those would seem like amazing, magical abilities - psychic powers even. But these abilities were physically possible and so we developed them. We have not developed clairvoyance or other psychic abilities because they are not possible. So, in a way, we are as fully psychically developed as possible!
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    I knew you were going to type this, alphy.

    - Warren
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    I think you have it pretty well covered, alphy.
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    Unless evolution is wrong, of course. :smile:
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    Actually, I think the classic counterargument is that either the psy effect is an emerging new characteristic, or the government is conspiring somehow to hide it.
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    It could simply be that it is a very recent trait and thus has not been selected for yet. In contemporary society, of course, it is uncertain to what extent any traits are really getting selected in human beings with regards to survival value, since society itself is pretty good at keeping us alive-- even those of us with genetic deficiencies who would normally be 'selected against' in nature.
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    I would say it is so small because we have other senses that were much easier to develop and yielded a much greater return. It's kind of like why many Americans are supposedly out of shape. Why would we be in good physical health when manual labor is almost a thing of the past? (Riding instead of walking) We no longer develop the physical ability. The machines that do the work for us are our 'sight' and 'hearing' if you think about it on an evolutionary scale. Those people who cannot take advantage of machines are at a disadvantage in todays society. On the other hand, who knows, maybe at one time humans DID have fairly developed psychic abilities and have simply shrunk down.
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