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Why is racism allowed on these boards

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    ***moderator's note: the content of this post is based on a mis-understanding, the issue is rectified in the responding posts.***

    Hey, it's me... your old pal eNtRopY.
    I got kicked off these boards last year for being a bit too rude to a certain member (with rather soft feelings) who, for privacy's sake, shall remain nameless. Well, let's just call him Mr. Robin P. No wait, that's too obvious... let's call him Mr. R. Parsons.

    Anyway, I was just casually perusing these boards, and found that the posts of shonagon53 are rather offensive. They all seem to have one of three central themes "white supremecy", "racial purity" and "anti-Americanism". Really, let's face it, these three themes all degenerate to the first. Anyway, I noticed that he really has a problem with the concept of mixed cultures. Occasionally, he will praise the efforts of third world cultures (saying that they are superior America), but ultimately he asserts that the Arian race is in fact the master race. I believe that the only reason he gives praise to third world countries is because they have maintained some level of keeping to themselves. He appreciates the fact that they comply with his ideals of "racial purity" by not intermixing with "white culture".

    As a reader, and an American, I am quite offended by everything he posts. Clearly, his posts are reminiscent of Naziism.

    There are two more points I'd like to make.

    1) America did not become a world power until after the victory of the Spanish American War (1898), but in less than half a century we became the stongest nation in the world. The reason we were able to rise to power so quickly was because of our ability to integrate the best of different cultures into one "melting pot". As long as we maintain the philosophy of integrating the best of what the rest of the world has to offer into our own culture, we will always be the strongest nation.

    For example, look at Japan. Their head-strong idea of keeping Japanese culture "pure" is killing their economy. Their population is shrinking. Their workforce is shrinking. Yet, they would rather ensure that every Japanese person is authentically Japanese than strengthen their own culture by diversifying. Again, I assert that if we maintain our current philosophy, we will never suffer from this problem.

    2) America ROCKS!!! That's right, call us what you want shonagon53. Make your claims that we are stupid, uncultured, or whatever. There is one claim that you can never make, and that is that America does not ROCK. We invented rock, and although the UK has made many great contributions to rock (which Americans admittedly appreciate), we also perfected it. America and the UK produced every classic you can think of... Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Sonic Youth, Soundgarden, Metallica, Pearl Jam, the Beatles.

    What were the contributions of your precious Arian culture to rock? ABBA? The A-Teens? This guy... the Best that Northern Europe has to offer in the category of ROCK.

    Quantum Cowboy
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    Welcome back eNtRopY.

    If you'd like to reinstate your old account, I'd be willing to do it for you, provided the other mentors don't have any objections, and you agree to abide by our policies in the future.

    I should also mention that MRP was banned some time ago for his own trespasses.

    - Warren
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    I really don't understand this thread.

    Shonagon53 is an intelligent and balanced person and has advocated the underlying structures of populations and fighted generalizations that other members on this board were making.

    Only because of the generalizations that others were making, did he start a few threads showing the ridiculous nature of such statements.

    I'll close this thread now since personal attacks are not allowed. If you are interested in commenting on specific issues, you are free to go to one of those threads and make your point.
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    To take Shonagon53's words out of a previous thread:
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