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Why is silver good for making jewellery?

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    Hey, I gotta explain why silver is good to use for making jewellery. Aside from the obvious aesthetic properties, is there any physical properties anyone knows that make it good to use?

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    Among the ductility and maleability (the properties which allow practically any continuous deformations of the metal),relative softness (it can be easily cut in various shapes),the chemical property of low chemical reactivity is the most important.Basically it does not rust.I mean,in combination with PURE water and oxygen molecules it doesn't interact.However,salted water does a lotta damage.The usual acids met around the house (citric acid from fruit,ascorbic acid from fruit,carbonic acid from soda,acetic acid from vinegar,lactic and other acids result of glucide oxydation) does not affect however.

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    I've got the agree with dexterciob. There are things you can do with silver that you just can't do with play-doh or bits of string. And besides, it's much shinier.

    Which brings us metal plated plastic. Metal plated plastic is nice and shinny. It is easily replaced if broken, damaged, or stolen. These are features not found in your garden variety silver bangles.

    For a quarter I can replace a scratched and damaged ring the next time I visit the 99 cent store or the gumball machine at the local food store. I decorate all 10 digits with these little twinkling treasures. I am pleased with the attention they draw.
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