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Why Is The Abortion Issue Treated So Complex?

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    It really should be simple for people.

    The baby is not fully developed, particularly in the earlier stages of pregnancy. It doesn't even really look like a human. If a mother is not ready to become a parent she should have the option to terminate it. What would they rather have? Would they like to see a child be thrown into the world with unprepared parents and have a garbagety childhood, maybe possibly even become abandoned? What if her life is on the line? She should also have the option to terminate it so she can save her own life. I have not heard one sound argument from the pro-life side. They like to ask weird questions such as "when is a baby considered alive?" To use a Bill Hicks quote: "When they are listed in my phone book." :rofl: No, seriously though, is this really that complex of an issue? There's too many "what if" arguments on the side of pro-lifers. So can we all just stop dictating to people about what they should do with their pregnancy? I mean is it really that big of a deal if we don't have one extra person on this planet? The population is skyrocketing enough as it is.
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