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Why is there no symmetry in space vs. time dimensions?

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    If there are three spatial dimensions, why is there only one time dimension?
    Why can't there be three temporal dimensions parallel to the spatial ones.

    If there are, perhaps this is what they would resemble.

    The fourth dimension could be temporal linear - the easiest way to view time: as traveling in a straight line forward. Just as a point can travel along a line, and a line can travel on a plane, and a plane can travel in a cube - so can a 3 dimensional object can travel along time. Thus if we take a look at a three dimensional object like an acorn, as it moves along time, it will develop, fall to the ground, grow into an oak, and eventually die. Thus, to use an analogy from flatland, just as a 3 dimensional being can see inside the house of a 2d person, a being that can see in all 4 dimensions can see your entire life time all at once.

    In keeping with the dimensional symmetry hypothesis, the 5th dimension could be temporal planer. Just like spatial lines on a plane, this dimension can address timelines as they branch off and merge and intersect. A being that can see in 5 dimensions, can possibly see not only this timeline, but also all of the 'what might have beens' that branched off from it, all at the same time.

    Then progressively, the 6th dimension would be temporal spatial. Like planes/membranes in a cube, time cubes (temporal tesseracts?) can contain paths that intersect parallel timelines. I suppose this is what science fiction would call alternate realities - where a 5d time plane could contain two time lines (for instance, one where Christopher Columbus sailed west and one where he sailed east); both timelines would generally follow the same laws of nature, etc..
    Parallel time lines would be ones that originated without any basis in each other. A being that can see in 6 dimensions can possibly see the entire time space of possibilities for this universe.

    Then, let's go further...

    Dimension 7 would be the Temporal Tesseract Linear dimension, or as the parallel and intersecting timelines travel along a path

    Dimension 8 would be the Temporal Tesseract Planer dimension, as the parallel and intersecting timelines traveling along a path move on a plane

    Dimension 9 would be the Temporal Tesseract Spatial dimension.

    If we use dimensional symmetry, I do not know what these three dimensions could represent.. Ways of orienting between realms or universes?

    Well, that is my hypothesis. If any of you have any thoughts on this or recommendations for any good guides to higher theoretical math so I can try to disprove this mathematically, I would appreciate it.
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    i just recently found this article on why we have three spatial dimensions and one time dimension:

    http://www.hep.upenn.edu/~max/dimensions.pdf [Broken]

    basically, more that one time dimension destroys predictability so it isn't possible to have observers in such a universe.
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    this brings up the point of parallel universes in my mind.. if your philosophy of the 9 dimensions are accurate, then what would be considered a black hole? a warp through dimensions, or a convergence of all of them? maybe im a lil over my head with this, but i find it a very interesting topic. another way to think of time is like a recording, are wormholes the playback button?
    it sounds like your talking of higher dimensions as some sort of extra-sensory perception of time.
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    Until the problem is solved or if the very expansion of the universe constitutes a different ticking from the rotation in every planet and the measure of time depending on eventual observers in different places or simultaneous times.... the fact is we have more theories regarding the space of the cosmos. Now they say it gotta be like Potato Crisp or trumpet!:
    http://news.independent.co.uk/world/science_technology/story.jpg?story=511575 [Broken]
    Who knows, maybe the adress of the site is shown complete this time!
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    No it didn't! After "world" write:
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