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Why is this happening?

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    I didn't subscribe into ANY threads, but every other, week, I am automatically subscribed. When I check my e-mail, I get 40 extra e-mails from pfs telling me I have updates on some threads that I've "subscribed" to, even thought I never have. So, can anyone please do the honors of telling me how I could make it stop?
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    Nose around in your User CP. There should be an option to turn off "automatically subscribe to posted threads" or some such. I believe someone is working on a fix for this.

    Greg, Warren?
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    Hi Imparticle, there was a change made a few weeks ago that reset all options back to default values. Here is the way to fix it.

    Just go to User CP, edit options, Default Thread Subscription Mode: select "do not subscribe"

    Then go to User CP, select “view all subscribed threads” and deselect any threads listed that you see there, otherwise you will continue to get e-mail notifications on these, even after you reset your subscription default to “do not subscribe”, that only stops you from auto subscribing going forward.
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    [sigh] THANK YOU EVO!!! You rock!! Thanks enigma!
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    You are like the 4th, 5th, person to start a topic on it..
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