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Why is this so difficult ?

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    From a sitting position, lift your right leg about 10 cm and make circles with your foot, clockwise. Now lift your right arm and draw a "6" in the air.

    Can you keep your leg going clockwise?
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    yes it is difficult, but--

    have you ever tried doing that thing with the leg while playing 'Black Magic Woman' by Hendrix on the guitar in b flat, and reciting the prime numbers between 1000 and 4000 backwards at the same time?


    I meant 'Voodoo Child'----I get confused even thinking about it
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    I had no difficulty moving my left leg clockwise and drawing a 6 with my hand. I had a hell of a time with my right leg doing the same thing.

    Vice versa when I try to draw a 6 with my left hand.
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    Hmm, I don't have any problems doing that. Is it just from the foot and hand going in opposite directions?
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    Try some combinations and see how it goes. I had difficulty when trying to rotate the arm and leg on the same side of my body in different directions, but not much trouble at all with opposite sides. Thinking of the shape of a number didn't help either, but I could manage if I concentrated specifically on the direction of movement of my arm and leg on one half of my body.
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    So I saw an interesting demonstration that only women can do(although some men can, or are they men). Anyways, walk up to a wall and measure the distance from the wall with your toes touching it to your heels. Now back up till your toes are where your heels were.Now do it with a small chair in front of you. Now try to lift the chair, men won't be able to and women will. Its pretty cool. Sorry bout the crappy description.
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    It's all in the hips!
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