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Why is'nt neutron the answer?

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    If in a beta decay when a neutron decays into a proton,electron,and a anti nutrino,that the answer to where all the particles came from is not answer by this alone?the universe started with just neutrons,then half of them decayed into protons and electrons,and started the universes matter,because i just read it on the internet an hour ago,and this is what it said!can anyone answer why this was overlooked?
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    If a neutron is more complex than either the proton or electron, it is reasonable to assume the protons and electrons came first.
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    nature created the neutron

    Nature created the neutron and planted a singlet positronium at its center and set it free. Because the neutron is decay-wise unstable with half-life of 684 seconds when it expels through its birdcage spherical shell an electron still with its charge and spin and 0.782 MeV - .511 MeV released when the positron quantum-leaps from positronium orbit to dead center of the nucleon shell - plus .256 MeV orbital kinetic energy (1//2 mv^2)that catapults the electron out. Because the centered positron no longer needs its spin (its spin partner has been ejected)and in the only phenomenonal spin stripping, in all of nature, the positron's neutrino spin energy of 15.8 KeV, completes the total .782 MeV yielded, by the total process, to the ejected electron.

    Every physicist familiar with spontaineous exothermic process knows that the neutron came first - there is no half-life for the reverse process of shoveing an electron and a positron-spin back into the proton shell.

    If anyone doubts this story you tell them that an old arm-waving quack flew away in a very weird manner - you just have to know how to wave.
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    Just after the big bamg, the universe consisted of pure energy (lots of photons). These photons led to the production of quarks and leptons (and their antiparticles) Because the physics is slightly different, there developed a net excess of particles (as compared to antiparticles). As the universe expanded (and cooled), quarks combined to form protons and neutrons, leading to deuterons, He3, He4, Li6, and Li7 nuclei (all this happening is a matter of seconds). By the time the neutrons decayed into protons ,electrons, and anti-neutrinos, the light element nuclei had been formed.
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