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Why mineral salts do not considered as energy flow?

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    Why mineral salts are not considered as energy ?

    Why mineral salts are not considered as energy ?
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    In what context?
    The body gets its energy from the digestion and use carbon compounds (carbohydrates, sugars). Mineral salts are inorganic compounds which are not broken down by the body any more than they would be if you dropped them into a glass of water. They are used mainly to set up and maintain water potential gradients across membranes, and release no energy into the body.
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    Salts, by definition, are held together by weak ionic bonds, thus, breaking these bonds, which usually happens even before the salt enters the body (for example, table salt has already dissociated when dissolved in water), thus can't provide useable energy from breakage of those bonds. Carbohydrates are held together by covalent bonds, so breaking these releases much more energy. Because these bonds are more stable, they can be sent to the right place in the body before enzymes break them to release their energy where it is needed.
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    Parasitism and competition only?
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