Why no more emails?

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    I use to receive emails for subscribed threads which is any which I have posted in or started myself but recently I haven't received any in a months or so even though I have the instant notification box ticked in my user CP.
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    Greg Bernhardt

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    Anyone else?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I finally had to cry uncle and turn off my notifications for threads, but until recently I was still getting my pm notifications, which seems to have stopped now.
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    I don't get too many PM's but as far as I know, I'm still getting the emails for PM's.
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    I've stopped getting any notifications also. I didn't complain about it to anywhere, because they weren't absolutely important, and I wasn't sure where's the problem. You know, maybe some spam-settings changed in my email-account, and prevented notifications coming. But if other people have the same problem, then I guess this hasn't been my fault.
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    So there is nothing that can be done in my case?
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