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Why not ask a good question?

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    From the thread:

    What would your question be?

    hypnagogue, I have to agree with you

    Which is why I started my posts with


    which answer did you not understand?

    Its all very basic (and all true if not all that forthcomming)

    I would be interested to know what exactly broke the guidlines?

    But for this post as this is a physics forum, why not ask about the Universe and how it works?

    Or just a good question.

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    I already explained what broke the guidelines-- bald assertion of statements with no substance (logical, empirical, or otherwise) behind them. It should not be hard to figure out I'm talking about.

    In any case, this forum is meant to host philosophical topics, not questions about moderator actions. If you have further questions or comments, please use PM or (if appropriate) the feedback forum.
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