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News Why not declare war to corrupted politicians?

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    In Brazil, the corrupted politicians responsible for the suffering of millions of people are not punished by Justice. Why not declare war to them? Are you going to say war is wrong and keep millions of people suffering?
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    Becouse when the people (Not goverments) declare war to corrupted politicians are automaticaly labeled as terrorists.
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    If the Brazilian government helps the US as best they can, there won't be a (US-backed) war against them, sorry.
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    I think they whould labeled as rebels.I'am not sure the U.S. well doing anything about since they have other terriost in another country to be worried about.
    I don't think the people have the abillty to be able to rebel aganist the goverment they probally all be killed in a few weeks after they lose because of them thowring sitcks and stones that don't break any bones at guys who have Assaut rifles and tanks that always kill you.Even if they do succesful overthrow there goverment they might have more courrpted polticans I think that's how castro came to power in cuba.I think to lot of other countries in latin america.I think Words form other countries whould be more effective then a rebillon
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    I heard about it. Brazil is one of the most unequal countries. There is a big gap between whites and blacks. Lula would do well to address these discrepancies.

    http://www.looksmartlatinamerica.com/p/articles/mi_qa4000/is_200407/ai_n9453975 [Broken]
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