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Why not drunk ?

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    you know what, all of the food I eat contains cooking wine. I also just sipped a bit, but why am I not drunk at all ? at least there must be some reactions like allergy on my skin, the same as when I drink beer, but it still like when I just come out from the bath-room, clean and well???
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    When you cook food, the alchohol evaporates, leaving the taste of the drink, without the effects
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    Alcohol has a fairly low boiling point. When you cook with it, all the alcohol boils off and you're just left with whatever flavors were mixed with the alcohol. That's why you won't get drunk eating food cooked with alcohol.

    I have no idea what you're talking about in your second question, and am not sure I want to know. :confused:
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    Really ??
    but I read it again and I understand it completely, ok, please just forget it,

    Thank you.
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    How much wine do you put in your food? Even if no alcohol evapourated, the amount of it in most recipies I've tried wouldn't be enough to have a noticable effect.
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    Not all of the alcohol evaporates.

    http://www.canoe.ca/HealthMayeMuskColumns/011009.html [Broken]
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    can anyone say OLD THREAD :smile: :wink:
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