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Why not Jesus wrote his own biography ?

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    Just wonder, if Jesus was Son of God (equivalent to God), he must be very very or infinitely wiser than anyone of us, correct?
    Surely he wanted all of us to know him well Without any Doubt, since he is an omnipotent God, this shouldn't be too difficult for him to achieve!

    However, he did not write his own biography for his eathly life, why?
    Why there is a missing story about him from age 12 to 30 ?

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    Why would He need to?

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    so that people are convinced that he is true God.
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    Isn't the story that Jesus from age 12 to 30 went to India?
    And also died there?

    Appearently we only know about the life of jesus through myhological stories that were written 30 years after he died.

    Not very convincing I would say.
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    He left nothing behind. Nothing written or made by him. He left no children. This was done because if he had left anything behind here one eart it would then become and icon and a religion all of it's own.
    It'd own church and dogma. This was not why he came. It is for us to find God within us not worship pieces of paper, wood, parchment, bone, etc.
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    Somehow, I think the opposite would be true. One aspect of spritually elevated individuals, throughout history, is a strong absence in what we think of as self-oriented ego. An autobiography is hard to be seen as anything else but self-oriented ego.
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    I'm not quite sure how to answer this, but I'll try to venture a response from a Christian viewpoint. (Self-called "True Christians" may correct me.)

    If you believe that Jesus is part of God and that God directly inspired Biblical writings, then He did write His biography/autobiography in part. But the Bible is intended to be a moral guide to a relationship with God, not an autobiography.

    Being omnipotent, yes God could make us all believe without any doubt. But one would have to assume that is not what He wants. Rather, He wants people to have free will and free choice to come to Him on their own accord (perhaps that is worth more than puppet praises).

    If you accept the Bible, then He did offer his direct proof to some and then recorded that information for future generations to consider. Supposedly He still works in the lives of believers, just in more subtle ways.

    Good question. Perhaps what was recorded was enough to get His message across.

    Anyway, that's the response I would expect to hear to your questions.
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    the only words JC wrote were in the dust
    at the stoning of the woman when he said " let he who is without sin cast the first stone"
    BUT the words that he wrote are NOT recorded, just what he said after he wrote in the dust

    for JC's spoken words or sayings see gospel of thomas for the least edited versions, but no cross, rebirth, or I am god in that lot so the church rejected them.

    paul/saul wrote most of the new "T" to follow his respining of the cult's belifes
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