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Why not sleeping is bad

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    I've been up all night again. Then I was at the library trying to stay awake, and there's no coffee anywhere. The only caffeinated beverage was "vanilla" coke, believe me it was a last resort. It's basically a solution of fructose, dissolved in concentrated phosphoric acid. Now bubbles are coming out my nose.
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    Im an insomniac. I have trouble sleeping at night. I can easily go to bed at around 3-4 am. If I dont have any school, I'll wake up at like 1:30 and eat lunch. If I have school, I'll just get like 5-6 hours of sleep, 7 on a good night. Sleeping is not for me I guess....(:frown: I miss you sleep)
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    Vanilla Coke and vodka is good.
    Jack and Coke is better.
    Saphire and tonic is ambrosia.
    None of these will help you stay awake.
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