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Why not vomit?

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    I see a lot of poisons that say do not induce vomiting. One such thing is phorsphoric acid.
    Why not vomit? Wouldn't that immediately get the poison out of your system?
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    Apparently it doesn't actually help to induce vomiting. Instead, emergency rooms prefer to use activated charcoal, which is more effective. If you suspect poisoning, call your poison control center and they will contact emergency services for you while you're on the line with them if needed, and they will instruct you on what to do as first aid until help arrives.
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    Some poisons are caustic and can cause more damage by being vomited.
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    not a subject i really put a lot of thought into...for some reason.
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    Perhaps it would cause some more undue damage in the internal organs as the material is passed out.
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