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Why people enjoy learning about physics?

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    I was just wondering why people enjoy learning about physics? My reason is becase our world is governed by these laws and it is crutial to understand them. Any other opinions?
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    More then one reason and I doubt my answer will fully explain it. In a nutshell I want to understand how the world works and genuinely enjoy learning how and why things happen the way they do. I mean last week after a lecture on solids I was literally jumping up and down a few times outside the lecture hall by sheer excitement because it works, it works, isn't that the coolest thing ever? (Mind, if you do engage in such activities outside lecture halls you do get odd looks but I was beyond caring at that point.)
    Also I'll admit that of all the subjects I could study physics is not my forte and I could do much better in other areas. But then you don't do things because they're easy, you do them because they're hard, and there's something about finally understanding that last physics problem on the homework that is incredibly exciting.
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    thanks Andromeda, any other opinions?
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    Yeah I agree with this......I'm taking My A-Levels in Physics (and it isn't my first time!! :blushing: but there's summat that made me retake it!)
    I feel a lot more focused than last time, and really enjoy the work. I guess its one of those subject that mystifies everybody, because very little is known in comparison to what is to be learnt!

    As my teacher always says that if it stinks - its biology, if it blows up - its chemistry, and if it doesn't work - then its physics!!

    I have my first examinations in January so wish me luck!
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    Ask your teacher if he/she got that from the very same people who said

    "Those who can, do.... those who can't, teach!"

    Both quotes are equally demeaning and insulting to the people they represent. Your teacher, of all people, should not perpetuate such stupidity.

    [OK.... ok... I'll go take my valium now]

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