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Why Physics Forums

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    Why "Physics" Forums

    I realized that this webiste is not only related to "Physics" it is also related to mathametics and other sciences. But why is this site called "Physics" Forums. Why not Science Forums or something else?
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    It started off as a physics and math help forum. Why change the name after all these years?
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    All science is either physics or stamp collecting.
    - Ernest Rutherford

    One could argue that all science has its basis in physics.
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    There is already a "Science Forums (sciforums.com)," and a few others with similar names.

    See the thread on the Origin of PF.
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    :tongue2: Because the name still sounds so good as it jumps off the lips.
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    This is Greg's version of how it all started.

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    We tried "Psychics Forums", but no one could find us. Having thus disproven the supernatural realm, we went the scientific route...
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    I actually find it amusing when we get the occassional stray post from someone who has clearly misread physics as psychics. :rofl:
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