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Why sleep is lovely sometimes

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    As I grow older I'm wondering if my increasing love of sleep is in inverse proportion to real waking stimulation in the brain. Although I can't recall all my dreams, the ones I remember are quite awesome. (For example just last night I was exchanging diaries with Richard Branson, quite bizarre). Could it be a case that we become bored with the current state of the mind and crave some better stimulation? I have noticed that depressed people tend to sleep more and I myself am more inclined to snooze on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
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    Same here. But i have speculation when i sleep my brain activity are decreased because it only control body autonom function not think external problems such as homework. I thought sleeping is more lovely because it cure tired brain caused by external problems
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    I am not so convinced of that. Much processing is carried out during sleep. (Hence sleeping on a problem often leads to better solutions in the morning).
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    Yep because brain have a limit like FUP in my opinion
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    FUP? What's that?
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    Fair usage percentage. That is an acronym i made for my brain limit
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