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Why so many people are studying about life on earth ?

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    can you tell me why so many people are studying about life on earth ?
    Is that funnie or something that is very important ?


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    Well, we (humans) are life on Earth, so that seems pretty important to me. Biology (the study of life) is important because it helps to understand how organisms function. That means understanding what goes wrong during disease, so we can better cure diseases. It also means understanding our environment, so we can either fix messes humans have created (like pollution) or try to save species we have put in danger, or just understand better the world we live in. How important any particular area of study is depends on your individual perspective. For example, some people don't think it's important unless we're studying humans and how to cure/treat disease. Others would think those people who study grasses are important because they want a better golf course (yes, there really are people who study turf grass science, which is basically applied to building a better golf course, but also can be useful for agriculture in developing better pastures for animals). I look at it as all science, not just life science, is about studying the world (or worlds) around us...all of it has potential to be useful, even if it doesn't have an obvious application now, because it might help us understand something that will lead to a solution to a problem in the future, when enough pieces of the big puzzle fit together.
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    You always have really nice explanations...I really love to read what you write....lol...

    Thanks for your help,

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